Back at it! Kim Kardashian showed off her love for snakes once again, but at the exact moment  Taylor Swift released her new single and music video for “ME!” Mhmm, coincidence? The 38-year-old took to her Instagram story at midnight on Friday, April 26, to share a photo of her new snake earrings, as well as a gold slithery chain necklace which she apparently received from model Sita Abellan: “@sitabellan I am obsessed !!!!,” she captioned the shot. Fans couldn’t help but comment on Kim’s apparent shade on Twitter. “Kim posting snake jewelry a few mins before the first Ts7 is incredible,” one wrote, while another chimed in: “Kim Kardashian just posted a bunch of snake jewelry the same time Taylor’s new single comes out … THE SHADE.” A third added, “‘Coincidentally’ Kim K just posted snake jewelry on her IG tonight.”


So, where did this whole snake obsession first come from? Well, we can thank Kimye for that one! In 2016, Kanye West released his song “Famous,” where he included the lyrics: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/ why? I made that bitch famous.” After the blonde beauty, 29, denied giving the 41-year-old approval for using her name in his song, his wifey took to Snapchat to release a video recording of Taylor allegedly giving verbal confirmation that the mention was OK. When Kardashian fans watched the videos, they immediately swarmed the “End Game” singer’s social media platforms with snake emojis. Oh, and prior to the release of the vids, Kim tweeted that it was National Snake Day, which people assumed was in reference to Taylor.

As for the 29-year-old’s part in the drama? Well, two can play that game! After months of clues and teases on social media, Taylor dropped her video for her new single titled “ME!” featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco on Friday, April 26. The beginning shot of the Pennsylvania native’s video is a pink snake exploding into a cloud of butterflies, which can really only mean one thing: T. Swift has finally moved on from her snake persona from her 2017 Reputation album.

In case fans forgot, not only did Tay sell snake-shaped rings for her Reputation tour merch, but in one scene for the music video  “Look What You Made Me Do,” she was surrounded by snakes while sitting in a chair. So, yeah, we’re glad butterflies are her new thing — and fans are too! “I feel like the snake exploding into the butterflies signifies her finally reaching this place of ultimate happiness. This is a new era. Beautiful and even more filled with self-love,” one fan wrote on Twitter. We’re glad Taylor is all about the good vibes these days!