It’s all about ME! Taylor Swift‘s new single dropped on April 26, and though we don’t have an exact release date for the album yet, we weren’t surprised to discover that her longtime BFF Selena Gomez dropped a subtle hint to the new era of Tay back in 2017. If you don’t believe us, read along for a presentation of the evidence, folks.

On December 13, 2017, the 26-year-old brunette gave a shoutout to her close friend for her birthday on Instagram with a cute video together. “I’m glad you were born. You write all the thoughts some aren’t able to articulate,” she wrote, followed by the incredibly telling clue: “(ME!)”

Considering the exact stylization of the word choice, it seems as though Tay may have ~articulated~ some of those thoughts about her post-Reputation work to her friend. For Selena to mention it in her birthday post must mean Taylor was plotting and planning this new era of music for quite a while, and TBH, it makes us a bit emotional.

“Thank you for giving a voice to this world that is authentic and inspiring. I wish some knew how big your heart actually is,” she concluded her caption. “It’s fierce, bold and freaking wild with light. I’m glad you protect that. Love you @taylorswift.”

If you thought that was the only evidence, though, think again. Tay’s official VEVO channel also responded to a fan comment about Selena’s involvement — which, as suspected, was great. “Yes, Selena has heard most of the new album,” the account wrote. “She is the keeper of secrets and queen of my heart.”

Man, get you a BFF who hypes you up like that. We’re so glad to hear how much Selena had her friend’s back during the production process of her new album and we can’t wait to get the dang thang into our hands!