Life may be all blowouts and billions for Kim Kardashian now, but it certainly wasn't always that way! The queen of glam took to Instagram Stories on March 27 to show fans some super fun throwback pics from high school and beyond, and looking at them you would think she's just a regular kid! Watch the video above to see Kim's vintage photos!

Kim may not have grown up famous, but she certainly did grow up gorgeous. As she shared pic after pic from her adorable homemade scrapbook, one thing became totally clear: Kim literally never had an awkward phase. You know, those uncomfortable years where you have a cowlick that you don't know how to hide, or braces that make you smile weird, or tons of acne that you haven't found the cure for yet (that your mom won't let you cover with makeup?) Well it doesn't seem like that's something Kim could relate to.

In every photo from 8th grade on, Kim looks absolutely perfect. Clear skin, amazing eyebrows, a big butt but a tiny waist, plump lips, and a perfect nose. All of that is natural! Some of her sisters and Rob definitely grew into themselves when they were older, but not Kim. No wonder she started off as the star of the family, she was born that way!

But that doesn't mean her life was without hardship. She spent much of her nostalgic snaps reminiscing about her departed father Robert Kardashian, who was her best pal, mentor, and confidante until he passed away in 2003 from cancer. We bet Kim is glad to have so many photos of her papa, and we're glad that she shared them all with us!