After being slammed for posting an allegedly Photoshopped Instagram, Kim Kardashian is now involved in yet another controversy. Well… Kind of.

Earlier this week, the reality star excitedly released photos of a new KKW Beauty collaboration — a lipstick, lip glosses, and an eyeshadow palette — which she created with her favorite makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. "Ten years ago when we met I never dreamed we would be launching our own products together!" Kim gushed. "[Mario] has taught me everything I know about makeup! I’m so proud of this collection of our favorite eye shadows and lips!" However, Love Island star Kady McDermott — who once admitted to Daily Mail she doesn't mind being called the 'Kim Kardashian of the UK' — was quick to rain on her parade.

After Kim and Mario promoted their new line, the British reality star took to Instagram claiming that the duo had copied her own eyeshadow palette. “When @makeupbymario new eye palette with @kimkardashian @kkwbeauty is almost identical to my @bykady_ mesmerise palette… good taste huns," she wrote, posting a photo of both products.

However, Kady hasn't received much support for her hash words, and Kim K. fans immediately swooped in to defend her, pointing out that the two products had more differences than similarities. "I’m really confused, they don’t look anything alike," one Twitter use wrote, while another wrote, "Kady from Love Island is calling out Kim Kardashian for copying her eyeshadow palette — like she would even know who she is." Another fan pointed out that they only seem similar because of their white packaging, explaining, "If you look at [the] generic packaging yeah…but in terms of colors, not really. They used the same neutral tones most palettes have these days."

This is hardly the first time the Kardashian clan has been accused of stealing ideas. Last year, new mom Kylie Jenner narrowly avoided a major lawsuit when makeup artist Vlada Haggerty accused the 20-year-old of copying her artwork for Kylie Cosmetics. Luckily, the two women were able to resolve the issue. Whew!