Nailed It host Nicole Byer has been honing her comedic chops for years — at the Upright Citizens Brigade, on the Fox sketch show Party Over Here, and on the MTV reality show Girl Code. But she's finally hitting it big, thanks to buzzy shows on Netflix and Facebook… and last week's spot-on tribute to Kim Kardashian. Here's all the info you gotta know about this 31-year-old on the rise.

She copied Kim Kardashian's "#nudels" shot

When Kim posted a photo of herself eating noodles and naked from the waist up — captioning the shot with the pun "nudels" — Nicole said she couldn't stop laughing.

"I gotta know, what came first: the pun or the picture?" Nicole wrote on Instagram, tagging the reality star. "Also, where are you? A restaurant that lets you eat naked? Surely that's a health code no-no."

Then Nicole recreated the shot, using Cup Noodles for the dish and plastic knives for her chopsticks ("Because I'm a b—h on a budget," she quipped.)

She's intentionally annoying on Nailed It

The Netflix baking competition Nailed It has amateur bakers trying to replicate sugary masterpieces as Nicole and her co-host, pastry genius Jacque Torres, provide running commentary. And at various stages of each showdown, the players can choose to ask for help, stop the clock, or have Nicole bug their opponents. Hilarity ensues!

She based Loosely Exactly Nicole on her own life

As the title implies, Nicole's MTV-turned-Facebook comedy Loosely Exactly Nicole is a rough approximation of her life trying to start a career as a twentysomething in New York City. "I spent a lot of time saying, 'I'm going to be an actress, but I'm going to drink all night and mess up and not go to work,'" she told The Hollywood Reporter. "So it's just a lady who makes a lot of mistakes but is still lovable."

She once auditioned for Saturday Night Live

And she thought she was a shoo-in. "I had the best time auditioning," she recalled in her THR interview. "I wasn't nervous because I was like, 'I'm not going to get this.' And then they didn't hire anyone that year."

That said, Nicole revealed she does have a "dear friend" in the SNL cast. "Sasheer Zamata," she said, joking, "She gets very mad when I don't use her whole name."