If we had to guess what Kim Kardashian‘s favorite kitchen appliance is, we’d say it’s a fridge. The 39-year-old took to Instagram on January 15 to show off five more refrigerators days after she gave her followers a kitchen tour.

“Did I mention, guys, that I also have a fridge in my gym?” she said in the clip. “It’s only water, I’m warning you. But I do have a fridge in the gym, guys. In case you were wondering.”

In a separate video, Kim showed off four more refrigerators that were located in a different part of the house. “Oh, I forgot to mention last time these are fridges as well,” she said while opening what at first appeared to be drawers. “Another four-fridge alert.”

Kim Kardashian
Larry Marano/WWD/Shutterstock

If you’re wondering why the brunette beauty is so keen on showing fans her home, it’s because she received backlash after she shared a SKIMS photo ad of herself opening an empty fridge. To prove that she keeps food in the house, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star gave fans a virtual tour of her kitchen and pantries.

“OK, since the inside of my fridge is so baffling and I saw all these news reports, I’m going to give you guys a tour of my fridge,” the KKW Beauty founder said on her Instagram Story on January 9. “I saw a bunch of comments from people wondering how I and since you guys are dying to know, here is a peek inside our main fridge filled with fruits and veggies.”

She continued, “So, you’ll come into my pantry. I got rid of all my plastic so it’s all, like, glass jars — even all my sprinkles and stuff for my frozen yogurt.” Kim revealed she has a fridge for different kinds of food —one of them is solely for beverages and another is for veggies and fruits.

“We are building on the property all organic trees to grow our own vegetables and do all of our own stuff,” Kim added. “So, all of our stuff is in here. So it did look like an empty refrigerator that I took the photo in front of, I have to admit, but this is our big main refrigerator, guys.”

At least now we know she has plenty of food in the house!