Oh, Kim Kardashian, don’t you know it’s not polite to air out your family’s most embarrassing secrets on television? During a bonus clip from Kim’s appearance on Busy Philipps’ talk show, Busy Tonight, the mother-of-three spilled the beans on one of Rob Kardashian’s slightly concerning relationships. No, we’re not talking about Blac Chyna. Not this time, anyway. 

Rob apparently still might talk to his two childhood imaginary friends, Pablo and Ronald. Yes, you read that correctly. “My brother has… uh, I don’t know if he still does. But he had, for a really long time, two imaginary friends,” Kim said. “My brother literally has talked about these guys, like, up until last year,” she added nonchalantly. You know, as if a 31-year-old man talking to imaginary people isn’t the least bit alarming.

To be fair, Kim said that Rob has continued to talk about these guys, not to these guys. Oh, wait, but before that, she said she doesn’t know if he still talks to them. Yikes. This has become quite the mystery. Even if Rob still does chat with his imaginary BFFs, we doubt he’d ever admit it. After all, it’s not exactly something adults do (or anyone over the age of 5, TBH). 

Then again, Rob has always danced to the beat of his own drum. Famous family or not, he isn’t about following Kardashian orders. In fact, we rarely ever get to see Rob at all. Thankfully, however, we do get to see glimpses of his adorable baby girl, Dream Kardashian. Most recently, Rob took to Twitter to share a picture of the 2-year-old celebrating Christmas.

“Merry Christmas everyone!! Best feeling in the world to see my baby Happy :),” the proud papa captioned the snapshot. We love seeing your baby happy, too, Rob! Here’s hoping we’ll get to see more from the only Kardashian son in 2019.