Her truth. Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Kim Zolciak-Biermann‘s daughter Ariana Biermann denied having jaw filler — as well as other plastic surgery rumors — during an Instagram Story Q&A session on Saturday, July 3.

“LOL no,” the 19-year-old responded to a fan who asked if she had jaw filler done. However, she was quick to admit to previously getting lip fillers. “Sure did,” she replied to another follower. “And I f—king love them. Best thing I ever did.”

Ariana Biermann/Instagram (2)

A third social media user later questioned if she had undergone a tummy tuck procedure following her impressive weight loss. “Nope, just worked my ass off,” Ariana told the person.

She then elaborated on the timeline of her slimdown. “My weight loss wasn’t overnight. I originally lost 30 pounds between my sophomore to end of junior year. I was 140,” the influencer explained. “Then, January [of my] senior year, I started working out, portioning correctly, counting my calories, etc. And in October, I was 118. So it was a process but the best thing I ever did for myself and my body.”

Ariana previously opened up about the body-shaming and criticism she dealt with online after her hard work in bettering her health and fitness.

“As somebody who has been both sides of this, I want to start off by saying it doesn’t hurt any less coming from either side,” she explained in an Instagram video in March. “I was called fat on social media growing up my whole life … as well as in school. I gave these people so much power in the way that I felt about myself, my confidence, how I acted [and] who I was and that was just unacceptable.”

“I looked in the mirror and changed it, and I worked my ass off to get to where the hell I am today and be the skinny legend bad bitch that I am,” the Don’t Be Tardy star added of her fitness and food journey. “Was I bad bitch before? Hell yes, the baddest. But was I confident, happy, loving myself? None of the sorts.”

Sadly, her followers weren’t eager to celebrate her success with her — but it taught her a valuable lesson. “I was so excited to post that first Instagram picture and guess what all the comments were? You have an eating disorder, you’re on drugs, you look disgusting … you’re sick,” she concluded. “None of them were the case, but it made me realize no matter what size you are, you will get body-shamed, and it sucks, it’s disgusting — but you’re perfect!”