Kristin Cavallari denied that doing a reality TV show had an impact on her marriage to Jay Cutler months before they announced their divorce. “Our problems were our problems before the show, our problems are still our problems pre-show,” Kristin exclusively told Life & Style in September 2019. The starlet revealed her split from the football player on April 26. 

Surprisingly the 33-year-old noted that Very Cavallari didn’t “affect” their marriage “at all” while filming. “I don’t think it made it stronger. I don’t think it made it weaker,” she explained at the time. “I say that in a great way. The show has not added another layer of issues or brought us closer.”

Kristin Cavallari Wears Sparkly Black Dress with Ex Husband Jay Cutler in All Black Suit
Courtesy of Kristin Cavallari Instagram

The former Laguna Beach star admitted that she sees filming as her “job,” and her skeptical ex-hubby went into it at “an arms distance.” That’s not to say Kristin doesn’t also have her guard up a bit while shooting for her reality show. “I don’t think you ever forget that the cameras are there,” she said. “I think that I don’t have a problem being myself, but the people who also say, ‘Oh no, eventually, you completely forget they’re there,’ I never once [forgot] there’s a camera on me.”

Given Kristin’s pragmatic outlook and Jay’s hesitation, the show didn’t have a big impact on their relationship. “I don’t think it’s presenting an opportunity for Jay and I to, like, form this incredible bond over it because — I don’t know — it’s just not that situation for us,” she divulged. 

The California native cited “growing apart” as the reason for their divorce on Instagram when she announced the heartbreaking news. She exclusively admitted to Life & Style during an interview on March 30 that their lives took a hectic turn while quarantining amid the coronavirus pandemic. When asked how they keep the spark alive, she said, “It’s about finding time to connect just the two of us, which is nearly impossible during quarantine! We make each other laugh, though, which has kept us going for almost 10 years.”

Kristin Cavallari Wears White Strapless Top and Flowy Skirt in Warehouse With Husband Jay Cutler
Courtesy of Kristin Cavallari Instagram

Of course, having three small children at home can make things seem even more overwhelming. “Well, I can say this, we know each other very well! Everyone knows what buttons to press, but we also know when to give each other some space. Although, space for a 4-, 5-, and 7-year-old is very different than to Jay and I,” Kristin noted. 

Time will tell what this next chapter holds for Kristin and Jay.