The claws are coming out. Bekah M. made it very clear on last night's episode of The Bachelor that she is not a fan of Krystal Nielson — and the petite brunette kept the hits coming on Twitter in real time.

Krystal's whispery voice (to put it nicely) has been a major theme of the reality dating competition, and while Arie Luyendyk Jr. seems to be a fan, the other ladies turned the torture of listening to the fitness coach into perfect imitations. So, we're not completely surprised by Bekah's petty comment on the social media platform. "The only shade I will be throwing is this: Krystal probably thinks she sounds like Marilyn Monroe and I think she sounds like a phone sex operator reject," she tweeted. Ouch.

And the timing was perfect. On the Jan. 29 episode of The Bachelor, Bekah directly questioned Krystal's intentions on the show. "Why are you still here?" she asked Krystal in a heated conversation. "I'm asking you why are you still here? You said two nights ago that he was a liar and he was dishonest and that you're not interested in being with someone like that and that you had your bags packed. Every single thing that you said has been about you and about how everything is so hard for you and you're kind of blind to see what everyone else is going through."

Krystal went on to defend herself and reassured her competition that she was not going down without a fight. "I tried to be nice by welcoming the girls to pull me aside and have a conversation and I was hoping the girls would give me a little bit of compassion but they just wanted to attack me," she responded. "I'm just f–king over it. I just feel like a lot of the girls here don't operate at my level and I'm tired of lowering myself to try to stoop to theirs."

Pettiness aside, Arie and the rest of Bachelor Nation are still conflicted over Bekah's age — and the nanny is tired of defending herself against critics who say she is too young for the former race car driver. "I CAN GUARANTEE I WILL CONTINUE TO THROW SHADE AND CONFRONT PEOPLE WHO NEED TO BE CONFRONTED WHETHER IM 52 OR 22," she wrote. "Can we PLEEEEASE get over the age conversation already." Because shade is ageless.

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