Pregnancy cravings have hit Kylie Jenner with full-force! The 20-year-old reality star recently documented her latest indulgence on Snapchat — and it looked delicious. Ky is known to not restrict yummy foods from her diet whether it’s Popeyes fried chicken or an In-N-Out burger occasionally. And honestly, now that she’s expecting her first child it looks like all bets are off.

Since the Kylie Cosmetics businesswoman is kissing her svelte figure goodbye, for the time being, she might as well satisfy her sweet (or salty!) tooth. Watch the video below to see what Kylie’s craving during her pregnancy!

Yum! Our mouths are watering at the sight of those Krispy Kreme glazed donuts. The fact that she labeled them “Ky’s do not eat me” means this mama-to-be means business when it comes to her food. And who could blame her? It doesn’t seem like she’s having the easiest pregnancy. Recent reports say that her baby daddy Travis Scott is cheating on her.

“Travis is cheating on Kylie with a hot 20-something he met while making a music video,” a source recently told In Touch. “Kylie would die if she found out.” It’s safe to say that Ky definitely knows now which is why she is determined to keep an eye on him. “[Kylie is] planning on building a house for [Travis] next door to hers complete with high-tech security cameras that’ll report his every move,” a source told Radar, adding that the she “doesn’t want him to live with her in her house, just have him nearby.”

Her boyfriend cheats on her, so she buys him a mansion? Well, that’s one way to deal with the troubling news. Oh well, at least Kylie can always count on her donuts during the pregnancy!