Something big is coming from Kylie Cosmetics! Kylie Jenner took to Snapchat on Nov. 14 to reveal that there’s a bunch of new products coming to her online shop and pop up stores, but she didn’t say what they were. Luckily, we think we might have an idea.

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What do you think her next makeup product is?

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“Drop two will be a bunch of new products… that Kylie Cosmetics has never done before,” Kylie revealed in the video. “I’m actually wearing it now, one of them.” Interestingly, Kylie isn’t wearing much makeup in the heavily-filtered clip. She’s got a nude lipstick (which is nothing new), and huge eyelashes, but our attention immediately went to her eyebrows, which were totally on-fleek!

Kylie actually filed to trademark the word “Kybrow” in March 2016, and she described the product as “Eyebrow cosmetics; makeup kits comprised of eyebrow cosmetics and eyebrow brushes.” So it’s definitely likely that Kylie could be getting ready to bless us with new Kybrow kits just in time for Christmas!

kybrow, united states patent and trademark office
United States Patent and Trademark Office

Many fans already began guessing that some sort of eyebrow makeup was on the way in the Instagram comments, though others think it could be a line of mascara or false lashes. Considering that this is a huge holiday release and she admitted that there are multiple new products, if we’re lucky, it could be all of the above!

Of course, we aren’t going to let this exciting news distract us from the number one thing we want Kylie to show us: her baby bump! Even in this new video, she’s wearing over-sized clothes and zoomed close to her face. Quit holding out on us, Kylizzle!