Kylie Jenner got vulnerable with her sister Kendall Jenner during an emotional conversation on The Kardashians. The sisters met up on the Thursday, June 20, episode to discuss how hard it is to read so many negative comments about themselves online.

“I went on a journey the last year dissolving half my lip filler,” Kylie, 26, shared during the episode, which was filmed in the fall of 2023. “I hate having this same conversation over and over and over again because it feels like a waste of my breath because I think, with me, it’s just never going to change. But it’s just been …”

At that point, she trailed off as she began crying and Kendall, 28, came over to give her a hug. “It’s just like, why do people think it’s OK to talk about me? Is this like therapy? You know when you’re in therapy and you start talking about something … I’ve never cried about this before but I guess it does affect me.”

Kendall assured her sister that “it would affect anymore,” and pointed out, “[Our family is] dehumanized. They don’t think there’s any rules with us, whereas if you talked the same way you talk about us about any other woman, people would come to their defense all day long.” 

The moment of insecurity came after Kylie attended Paris Fashion Week and chose to wear minimal makeup, but then noticed a lot of negative reactions to one photo of her that popped up online afterwards. “I wear too much makeup and it’s like, ‘You wear too much makeup,’ then I go and don’t wear a lot of makeup and someone catches me in some weird light,” she explained. “You can look at me in pictures since I was 13 – I just have these lines [around my mouth]. I’ve had them since I was a child.”

In a confessional, she explained that “10-plus years” of hearing about her looks has gotten “exhausting,” which is why she had such a strong reaction to the Paris photos. “I’m kind of just so numb to people talking about my looks at this point and I just want to know why on the Internet no one says anything or think that it’s OK,” she added.

The Kylie Cosmetics creator also pointed out that for all the people who defend her, she also sees comments that say, “Like, ‘She did it to herself, she f–ked up her face. She has so much surgery.’” She continued, “Even if I did have so much surgery and did all these things, I still don’t think it’s OK to talk about someone’s looks. People have been talking about my looks since I was 12, 13, before I even got lip filler.”

Despite the moment of vulnerability, Kylie said she generally has thick skin when it comes to what the haters say. “I think that I’m really strong and I was put in this position for a reason,” she concluded. “I do think of myself as a confident person. I’m so grateful, so blessed, that I can wake up and look in the mirror and like what I see and feel beautiful. But at the same time, there’s only so much one person can take. I just always keep pushing. I can’t let the comments get me down. I have to because I have s–t to do!”