Well, would you look at that. If you can believe it, folks, it looks as though the youngest Kar-Jenner sis, Kylie Jenner, has finally dethroned older sister Kim Kardashian — in the form of Instagram followers. The 22-year-old surpassed the KKW Beauty founder, 39, in loyal followers by one million users on January 3, and fans were quick to liken the scenario to some American Horror Story folklore.

“The new supreme has risen!” a Kardashian fanpage on Instagram captioned their post of each KUWTK star’s follower count, proving Kylie’s was higher, adding three hands up emojis.


Believe it or not, the first comment on the post was from none other than @norisblackbook, the famous North West parody account. “New rule: to get into Sunday Service you and 10 of your friends have to follow mommy [on] IG,” they wrote. “I won’t take this lying down!”

Fans and followers followed suit, flocking to the comments section to share their thoughts about Kim’s social media demise. “Kylie’s been the new supreme,” one fan alleged, while another gushed, “I’ve been awaiting this moment for years.”  Another user threw a little shade Kim’s way. “Waiting to see how Kim reinvents herself for the 20th time,” they wrote, while someone else uplifted Selena Gomez over both reality stars. “But Selena Gomez got more than both them … oop,” they wrote — which is true. The 27-year-old has 164 million followers to date.

Interestingly enough, one fan even accused both Kylie and Kim of falsifying their follower counts over time. “Everyone knows that Instagram, it’s self-acknowledged, that Kim Kardashian has 40 million fake followers and the sisters have millions of fake followers as well. So, why doesn’t Instagram stop being so hypocritical and do something about it,” they wrote, adding the sunglasses emoji to hammer home their point.

Both Kim and Kylie are avid users of the platform, sharing photos of their children as well as banging selfies and outfit shots. No matter what their follower count is, fans are all about “keeping up” with them and their exciting families — at least, we definitely know we are.