How can you be bored at the Video Music Awards?! Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott were guests at MTV’s epic awards show on Aug. 20, but some fans thought they didn’t look like they were enjoying themselves enough… especially during Jennifer Lopez’s epic medley performance! 

JLo was honored with the annual Video Vanguard award, but before she accepted it she performed a medley of basically every song you can think of. “Get Right,” “Jenny From The Block,” “Get On The Floor,” “Ain’t Yo Momma,” “Love Don’t Cost A Thing,” seriously, all the faves. To make it more epic, she brought out Ja Rule, DJ Khaled, and more stars to perform with her. 

And yet, when the cameras cut to the audience, they caught Kylie and Travis just sitting there, staring off into space without so much as a smile. Meanwhile, everyone around them was up out of their chairs dancing the night away, as you do. Suffice it to say, fans were offended by the #disrespect. 

Maybe Kylie and Travis didn’t enjoy themselves as much as they should have, but plenty of other fans were beyond thrilled about the performance. “JLo, watching your performance and then your speech made me even prouder than I already was,” said one heartfelt tweet. “Keep rocking like you’ve always done, you will forever be my inspiration and I love you.”