Little Einstein! Kylie Jenner took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday, January 14, to show off how smart her daughter, Stormi Webster, is. It turns out, the little one is good at geography, and we’re not surprised.

“Where’s California? Show us California,” Kylie told her 23-month-old before praising her for pointing at the correct state. “Good job!” Stormi, who turns 2 in February, already possesses a handful of skills, and it’s all thanks to her mama. Fans can’t help but notice Stormi talks super well, and it’s because Kylie has one specific technique.

“How do [you] get Stormi to talk so darn well?” one fan asked Kylie during an IG Q&A in October. Kylie replied, “I talk to her like an adult [and] explain everything to her!! Even when she was too young to talk. They are little sponges.” The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star also confessed she uses flash cards to help her learn. What a smart duo!

Stormi Webster Goes Snowboarding With Kylie Jenner
Courtesy of Kylie Jenner Instagram

In addition to being super intelligent, Stormi also has a few hobbies. She loves to dance, listen to music, play with makeup and as of recently, snowboard. Is there anything she can’t do?!

It’s honestly not shocking Stormi is as versatile as she is considering she spends time with two women who can also do it all, and that’s her mom and grandma Kris Jenner. Though the 64-year-old has nine other grandchildren, she hangs the most with Stormi.

“Kris and Stormi spend the most time together because Kris is at every day, and there’s a nursery in there for Stormi,” a source exclusively told Life & Style. “Kris gets to have lunch with Stormi, read her books, put her down for naps. She’s definitely spending more time with her now than any of the other grandchildren.”

Speaking of spending time at the office, in early January, Kylie teased that a Stormi and Kylie Cosmetics project is “coming soon.” The collab may possibly drop on Valentine’s Day. TBH, we can’t wait!