Oh no, y’all — we might have a case of ~too much inspiration~ on our hands. Since Camila Cabello released the video intro to her new musical era on August 31, fans have been roasting the effort due to the eerie similarities between the vid and Lana Del Rey‘s 10-minute epic, Ride. But believe it or not, the Born to Die babe even commented on the clip on Instagram to give her own point of view.

“What the hell,” read the short remark, garnering over 20,000 likes and 1,200 responses. Since the 34-year-old didn’t elaborate further, we can’t be sure if the meaning was positive or negative, but either way, fans are definitely taking note of the resemblance to the Lana’s 2012 music video.

Lana Del Rey Camila Cabello Instagram Comment

“Is she tryna steal this concept from Lana Del Rey?” one fan questioned, while another asserted, “This is just a Walmart version of Lana’s work from years ago LMAO.”

The monologue in the clip — which in the 22-year-old’s case may be used for a future music video — is in no way unique. But the style of the shots in the video and the air of ~finding yourself~ in Camila’s “What do I know about love?” soliloquy definitely lent to the comparisons. “Dared to copy Lana,” another follower wrote. “LANA DID IT FIRST.”

Camila Cabello VMAs 2019
Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock

Camila shepherded her new era into the world via Instagram on August 29, with three sunset-colored posts breaking up her feed from old content to new. Since the announcement of a new period for the artist and the video release, she also dropped a new piece of potential album art on September 1.

The image shows the singer sitting nearly naked on a column with a gold heart embedded in her chest. The heart has room for a key … seemingly the one that will seemingly unlock all the love she has (possibly for Shawn Mendes) inside.

Either way, fans are a little skeptical — so let’s hope the rest of the new era is fresh AF.