Um, did someone say “relationship?!” During a post-show Q&A with fans, Shawn Mendes used the fateful word to describe his rumored romance with Camila Cabello for the very first time. “You’ve said you’ve never been in love,” the fan asked backstage at the Connecticut show on August 30, in a video posted to Twitter. “Has that changed recently?”

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello

The 21-year-old’s response pretty much confirmed something special is brewing between the two singers. “Honestly, I wanna say I wanna talk to you guys about this stuff but it’s not just me in the relationship! There’s another person involved. I can’t say things that I feel,” he told the group. “It’s not just me deciding, you know?”

Though Shawn and Camila, 22, have yet to formally confirm their relationship, this admission paired with their sexy duo performance at the recent MTV VMAs make their coupling feel pretty certain.

The couple took the stage together to perform their hit song, “Señorita,” on August 26 — and the connection between them was palpable. They almost kissed several times during the performance and exited the stage hand in hand. Trust us, it was pretty dang cute, if you didn’t see it. Plus, the couple was seen canoodling in the audience later in the show.

Prior to the awards show, Shawn and Camila had been spotted holding hands in NYC on several different occasions — as well as getting their smooch on in a few assorted cities — since the romance rumors started in early July.

Camila started dating her ex Matthew Hussey back in November 2018, but by the end of June, their breakup paved the way for Shawn to become a big part of her life. They released their song days before Camila’s split from her then-boyfriend … and that’s when those rumors began. Since then, the duo has only gotten more and more adorable, and they’re starting to become one of our favorite celeb couples.

Can’t wait to see where it leads!