Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift’s friendship is a real one! The Girls star recently spoke about her relationship with the Grammy winner and how she looks out for her.

“I’m always very careful to be protective of her in every single way,” Lena, 38, said during an interview with The New Yorker published on Tuesday, July 9. “Probably the two things I get asked most in life are ‘What is Taylor like?’ and ‘Can I have tickets to the Eras Tour?’”

Lena continued, “And usually my answer to both things is no, but I will say that she’s everything that you would want her to be. She’s kind, she’s devoted, she’s introspective, she’s emotional, she’s funny as fuck. I guess my feeling sometimes is, ‘Isn’t she giving us enough, guys?’”

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In 2014, Taylor, 34, spent some time speaking with The Rolling Stone and mentioned that she and Lena occasionally had sleepovers and spent their time together in nightgowns.

“This is a thing me and Lena have,” the “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart” singer told the publication. “We wear them during the day and look like pioneer women, fresh off the Oregon Trail.”

Fans quickly became obsessed with the idea of the two women having slumber parties, but Lena felt like the focus on their friendship was a little overwhelming.

“She was having the exact experience that is standard for a woman in their 20s, which is finding who your people are,” Lena told The New Yorker. “But there was just an examination of it that was so microscopic, and a set of standards that were so outlandish.”

Lena Dunham Says She’s ‘Protective’ Over Friend Taylor Swift
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Lena also revealed that she’s a diehard Swiftie and loves to see Taylor perform. The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actress has already seen the Eras tour concert in Boston and Pittsburgh, but she said that she plans to go to more.

“I was telling [Luis Felber] before we went, ‘Listen, you’ve never seen me like this.’ It’s like something comes through me — it’s my church. I start speaking in tongues. Even since before Taylor and I were friends, I just always had felt such a deep connection to her music. Something unique to only me, obviously,” Lena explained. “I’ve seen every tour she’s ever done. I love seeing a woman who’s not yet forty being, like, ‘Yes, I have a body of work.’ What I find inspiring is her acknowledgment of her own prolific expression.”

Lena and Taylor first became friends in 2012. Taylor, who was a big fan of Lena’s HBO hit, Girls, followed the actress on social media, and saw that Lena had recently posted some kind words about her.

“I was really scared she was being ironic, but I decided to follow her anyway, just in case,” Taylor told The Rolling Stone in 2014. “Within five minutes I had a direct message from her. She said, ‘I am so excited about the prospect of being friends with you that I added the adjective best in front of it. The idea that you like my show is so thrilling, and I can’t wait to lavish you with praise in person.’”