Innnnnteresting. Lindsay Lohan seemingly tried to shoot her shot with Chris and Liam Hemsworth on Instagram and we have questions. The actress is known for her suspicious (and sometimes hilarious) social media behavior and it looks like she’s attempting to reach out to the actors on social media. Considering the younger Australian brother is newly single, we don’t blame her for putting out feelers.

“Why didn’t we meet in Sydney or Bondi?!!” Lindsay, 33, commented on a selfie of the hunky brothers posted by E! News on September 12.

Lindsay Lohan Comments on the Hemsworth Brothers
Courtesy of E! News

Fans were both confused and supportive of the Freaky Friday star seemingly flirting with the Hemsworths by seeing if they’d want to meet up down under. “Get it, girl!” one person responded to Lindsay’s comment. Someone else joked, “She’s tryna steal my man.” A separate comment read, “Shoot your shot girl,” while another echoed, “Hey, who could blame her?”

Liam Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth Smile Together in Suits
John Shearer/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Unfortunately for Lindsay (and the rest of us), Chris, 36, has been happily married to Elsa Pataky for almost nine years. They share three children — India, 7, and 5-year-old twins, Sasha and Tristan.

As for Liam, 29, he officially filed for divorce from Miley Cyrus on August 21, citing “irreconcilable differences” for the reason behind the split. The pop star publicly fired back at people who claimed that infidelity was the cause of their uncoupling.

“I can accept that the life I’ve chosen means I must live completely open and transparent with my fans who I love, and the public, 100 percent of the time. What I cannot accept is being told I’m lying to cover up a crime I haven’t committed. I have nothing to hide,” the 26-year-old pop star wrote on Twitter on August 22. “The truth is, once Liam and I reconciled, I meant it, and I was committed. There are NO secrets to uncover here. I’ve learned from every experience in my life. I’m not perfect, I don’t want to be, it’s boring. I’ve grown up in front of you, but the bottom line is, I HAVE GROWN UP.”

Considering the exes have been under a microscope for the past month, it’s probably safe to assume Liam isn’t ready to get back into the dating pool quite yet. There’s always a chance Lindsay was just being friendly since she previously reached out to praise Miley’s look on Instagram, but we’ll be keeping major eyes on this.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you, Linds!