Lookin’ good! Miley Cyrus shared a sexy black and white photo of herself on Thursday, March 21, and Lindsay Lohan took to the comments to compliment the 26-year-old.

“When the doorman asks to see ID … motherf–ker, this FACE is my ID,” Miley wrote, referencing how famous she is. The Mean Girls alum relates to this perfectly. “Only girls like us know how to pull that look,” she replied.

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This isn’t the first time the actresses have interacted online. In late January, Miley took to Twitter to share a video of herself jamming out to Lindsay’s famous bop “Rumors.”

“I’m tired of rumors starting/ I’m sick of being followed/ I’m tired of people lying/ Saying what they want about me/ Why can’t they back up off me?/ Why can’t they let me live?” sang Miley as she rode in a car. The Freaky Friday alum retweeted the video and replied to Miley sharing words of kindness. “Love you so much!!!! Beautiful girl!” she wrote.

We’re sure Miley relates to the tune, as she’s been in the spotlight from a young age, just like Lindsay. The Disney alums both share the fact that they were child actors in common. Besides that, they’ve both been seen as rebellious figures in pop culture.

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last night was fuckin fun 🖤

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In 2013, Miley was a hot topic of conversation simply for changing her image and experimenting with music. This gained her lots of attention and criticism. The same can be said about Lindsay, particularly circa 2004, which was when she dropped “Rumors.” The song was her personal anthem, considering a then-teenage Lindsay was constantly making headlines at the time.

However, though they’re still famous, things seem to be going better for both starlets. Miley is once again working on new music, but seems happier this time around now that she’s married to beau Liam Hemsworth, while Lindsay added club owner to her list of achievements. Not bad!