We finally have an answer! Priyanka Chopra shut down those pesky rumors that she and Meghan Markle are feuding.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the Quantico star, 36, set the record straight when a fan brought up the topic via phone call. “Are the rumors true that you’re upset Meghan Markle skipped your wedding to Nick Jonas?” Then, the 50-year-old host chimed in immediately. “They said you didn’t go to her baby shower because you were pissed at her.” Priyanka couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh my god, no. It’s not true.” That was all she said about the situation.

Priyanka and Meghan

Rumors started swirling that their friendship was in trouble in December 2018 when the Indian beauty tied the knot and had several wedding celebrations, which Meghan, 37, didn’t attend. Aside from reports claiming they didn’t get along, some people believed everything was good between Pri and the duchess and that the reason she wasn’t at any of Priyanka’s wedding festivities was actually related to her pregnancy.

“Meghan said it was a huge undertaking and that India was a long way to travel while she’s pregnant,” a source previously revealed to Life & Style. However, in February 2019, the Suits alum traveled all the way to New York to have her baby shower, “which is almost the same distance as traveling from London to India,” added the insider. Something seems fishy here!

Priyanka and Meghan have shared a tight bond over the years, and it wasn’t too long ago since the newlywed gushed about the mom-to-be. “She still texts a lot, which is great,” she said at the time during an appearance on The Rachael Ray Show. “I’m so happy for everything that’s happened to her because I really do feel like she’s one of those female icons that I feel could be a strong idol for girls around the world. She really cares about the world, like for real cares.” How sweet! Hopefully, nothing has changed.