As Nick Jonas and Priynakra Chopra’s wedding day approaches, we can’t help but wonder if Meghan Markle is attending. However, it’s unlikely. According to US Weekly, Meghan and Prince Harry are staying put in England, while Priyanka will tie the knot in India this weekend.

It makes total sense as to why the Duchess won’t be present at her bestie’s wedding though. The royal couple have a lot coming up, especially as they prep their big move out of Kensington palace into Frogmore cottage. And with Meghan being pregnant, it only means there’s more to be done before the royal baby arrives in April.

Priyanka and Meghan

Priyanka was present at Meghan’s wedding last May, and you’d expect for Meghan to reciprocate, however, sometimes life gets crazy, making it a difficult to attend certain engagements. After all, they’re not the only pair of celebrity friends to go through this. Last month, Taylor Swift didn’t go to Karlie Kloss’ wedding because she was on tour, so it happens. Priyanka and Nick are only getting started, so hopefully the pair of best friends can celebrate at a later time.

As Meghan and Harry take care of their royal duties, Priyanka and Nick get the last minute touches ready for their big day. On Wednesday, Nov. 28, the soon-to-be newlyweds had a puja ceremony, “a Hindu pre-marital ritual,” at Priyanka’s mother’s house in Mumbia. Today, Nov. 29, the actress and pop star arrived in Jodhpur, India, ahead of their wedding, just days away. According to People, the couple will reportedly be celebrating their love in both of their cultures, meaning they will likely have two weddings.

Nick and Priyanka
Getty Images

“It is super important to Priyanka to have an Indian ceremony that honors her heritage and culture, just as it’s important to also have a Western ceremony that honors Nick’s Christian upbringing. They are doing both,” a source revealed to the outlet. We can’t wait for the photos of these ~love bugs!~


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