Of course Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are over-the-moon to be expecting their first child in the spring of 2019, but they aren’t the only ones excited to add a new bundle of joy to the royal family! On Nov. 28, Kate Middleton took a moment to chat with well-wishers outside of Leicester Univerity, and she was happy to share her thoughts on Meghan’s pregnancy when one fan asked about it.

When a fan asked whether she’s excited for “Meghan and her new baby,” she was quick to reveal just how happy she is about the joyful news. “Yes absolutely, no, it’s such a special time to have all kiddies,” she told her loving supporters.

Of course, she’s excited for a selfish little reason too. “And a cousin for George and Charlotte as well, and Louis. So it will be really special,” she concluded. The family seems to be growing rapidly now after Kate welcomed her third child Louis earlier this year, and not long after her sister Pippa had her first child. Just months after marrying Prince Harry, Meghan told the world that baby No. 1 was on the way for her, too. We just can’t wait to see those little cuties running around together!

Kate’s comment seemed to put to rest any rumors that she and Meghan have a feud going. While sources have said that she’s slightly jealous of Meg’s relationship with the queen, it’s clear she still loves and supports her sister-in-law very much. Hey, blood is thicker than water, right? We’re sure Meghan will need the advice from a fellow mom, too, as her little one grows. Luckily, Kate has plenty of experience!

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