It’s getting hot in here! On Thursday, March 20, Priyanka Chopra sat down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live to spill all the tea on her marriage to Nick Jonas. In addition to talking about her fairytale wedding, the Quantico actress, 36, got candid about the pair’s sex life.

Considering both Priyanka and her hubby, 26, are bona fide celebrities, it’s not uncommon for the lovebirds to spend some time apart. Question is, how do they keep ~the spark~ alive during their travels? Well, as it turns out, the brunette beauty isn’t opposed to getting down and dirty with the help of a little technology.

When Andy, 50, asked Priyanka if she believes in “sexting” or “FaceTime sex” during the long stints apart, her response was short, sweet and immediate. “For sure.” Damn, Priy! We see you, girl. Beyond discussing the brunette beauty’s progressive sex life, Priyanka and the newly minted father also chatted about Nick’s, er, pubic hair situation. No, we’re not kidding.

Andy flat out asked Priyanka if she’s ever helped Nick manscape. At first, she said no, but then she explained further. “Once! I did once. Just his fade [haircut], back here,” adding, “I don’t know if I could do the manscaping thing.” To be honest, we don’t blame her. Shaving your legs is hard enough, let alone *all that* for another person. 

As much as we love hearing about what goes on behind closed doors, we also love wedding details. “We had a month and a half to prep this wedding,” she said. “We had a budget, but we kind of went over,” Priyanka revealed of her over-the-top event. Is it rude to ask how much over budget? Yeah, probably. Sigh. 

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