One big, happy family! Damian Powers’ parents may have refused to meet Giannina Gibelli on Love Is Blind, but the would-be bride says any drama with her boyfriend’s family is all in the past. While chatting exclusively with Life & Style, the Netflix reality star revealed that she and the Powerses are all on good terms now — and they even spent the holidays together after the show.

“I love his family,” Giannina, 26, gushed. “They’re so, so sweet. We actually spent Thanksgiving and Christmas together right after we wrapped filming.” The Gibelli family feels the same way about Damian, 28, despite his “I don’t” at the altar. “My family adores him!” the blonde beauty continued. “No hard feelings there. He and my dad have inside jokes. It’s amazing to see!”

Love Is Blind Stars Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers
Courtesy of Damian Powers/Instagram

Though the couple decided not to get married on TV (OK, Damian decided that), they revealed on the reunion special that their relationship continued off-screen. And the story of how their brutal breakup became a romantic reunion is actually pretty sweet. Gigi admits that the two wasted pretty much no time after the cameras stopped rolling.

“When you saw me ‘give him his bow back,’ that was me essentially breaking up with him,” Giannina explains. “Our ‘thing’ was our bows. He put a bow on his right wrist as he ‘was my gift’ when he proposed to me, while, unbeknownst to him, I have a tattoo of a bow on my left wrist.” Though the show stopped filming after that dramatic moment, Gigi wasn’t done with Damian just yet.

Giannina and Damian from Love Is Blind

“He was surprised when I reached back out to him later that night to talk things out,” she admitted. “I felt like we had unfinished business, and it didn’t feel right to leave things on a sour note, so he snuck us back into our old apartment. We cried it out, healed together and haven’t been apart since.”

Giannina will be sharing more of the couple’s story on her iHeartRadio Podcast, “Love In Sight,” as she rewatches and analyzes the Netflix show, including behind-the-scenes details about the day she walked down the aisle. But will the star be taking a trip back to the altar anytime soon? For now, they’re steering clear of wedding plans. “I’m not against another engagement,” the star shared. “It’s definitely still too soon for me, but we’re very much enjoying dating each other without any added pressure.”