If you’re struggling to find Luis Migueil, La Serie on your Netflix, you are not alone. Fans of the Telemundo series, which looks back at the life of the iconic Mexican singer, have noticed that the Spanish show is not on the streaming platform if you live in the U.S. However, that does not mean you can’t watch all past and future episodes on your computer.

Thanks to Telemundo Now, you can watch Diego Boneta as Luis Miguel as he struggles with the disapperance of his mother and his estranged relationship with his father and manager all while becoming a world-famous musician. Joining Diego in the star-studded cast is Oscar Jaenada as Luis Rey, Camila Sodi as Luis’ first girlfriend, and JuanPa Zurita as the singer’s brother Alex.

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“It was something that we all put a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears into for the past two years,” Diego told Billboard magazine of the mini-series. “It took me a year to just prep for the project, and then another year to shoot it, and it’s quite amazing to see this positive, warm reaction.” He went on to explain on he lost 20 pounds for the role as well as undergo extensive singing training. “Acting-wise, it’s such a complex character who is an icon that everyone knows,” he added. “I’m getting to humanize this living legend, cause no one really knows anything about him.”

As for the man himself, Luis — who once famously dated Mariah Carey — authorized the mini-series, which means he is most likely also a fan of the finished product. “I will have to tell the real story of what has been my personal and professional life. I would have preferred to have what you would call an ideal life in regards to family and relationships, but that’s not reality. The reality is you sometimes have to pay a price for the life you choose,” Luis said in an Univision interview in 2013.

Will there be a Luis Miguel, La Serie Season 2?

There will not be a second season of the show. The series runs for 13 episodes on Telemundo — with a finale date of July 15. If you are based in Spain or Latin America, you can stream the episodes on Netflix the same day they are aired on television. However, unlike most series on the streaming platform, you have to wait a full week between episodes.

It has not been revealed if Luis Miguel, La Serie will ever stream on U.S. Netflix. However, in the meantime, here are some other Spanish shows to help pass the time.