Binge-watching is a blessing and a curse. If you're like us, you've already finished all 10 episodes of the Velvet spin-off Velvet Collection way too quickly. However, don't despair because to help with those withdrawals, the stars of the Spanish show are taking fans behind the scenes as they film the highly anticipated Season 2.

Marta Hazas, who plays Clara Montesinos on the series, recently shared a photo alongside Diego Martin (Enrique) and new addition Marta Torne (Paloma) on her Instagram page. "We have already started shooting the second season of Velvet Collection," she wrote. Adrian Lastra (Pedro Infantes) also shared his excitement about the renewal, and thanked fans on the social media platform. "It makes us happy to know that Velvet Collection is loved so much around the world thanks to Netflix," he captioned a fun photo with castmate Javier Rey (Mateo Ruiz) on his shoulders. "Thanks from my heart to all the world for continuing to enjoy this wonderful story. In Spain, we continuing recording the second season."

No official release date has been announced, but Netfix users will probably have to wait until 2019 to see the new episodes after they air overseas. So, what can we expect from Season 2? Warning: Spoilers ahead!

At the finale of Velvet, fans finally got to see Ana and Alberto, played by Paula Echevarria and Miguel Ángel Silvestre respectively, finally get the happily ever after they deserved. However, you won't be seeing much of the couple in the spin-off. While Ana is there in the first couple of episodes to see the grand opening of the Velvet store in Barcelona, she promptly returns to New York City and the supporting characters step in to bring the fashion (think '60s miniskirts and bikinis) and the drama. We also recommend having a few tissues ready for those episodes. AKA a major character dies.

There are also a handful of new characters to keep your eye on. Penelope Cruz's sister Mónica Cruz joins as Carmela Cortés, a famous flamenco dancer who is ready to take over the world and won't let anyone get in her way, including Brigitte Bardot. There is also Sergio, played by the handsome Spanish actor Fernando Guallar — and he is there to tempt Clara, who is struggling in her long-distance marriage to Mateo. Gran Hotel fans will also be happy to see Megan Montaner and Adriana Ozores make their debut on the Spanish series.

Then there's Jonas (Llorenç González) who finally finds love, Pedro, who is still reeling from the death of his wife Rita, and Raul de la Riva (Asier Etxeandia), who has a gypsy romance of his own. Of course, it wouldn't be Velvet without hidden family secrets coming to light, power struggles, and did we mention the '60s fashion? And of course, Patricia (Miriam Giovanelli) makes her grand return in the finale. What can go wrong?

We don't know about you, but while we wait for Season 2, we'll be watching this one all over again.