Are they working to repair their marriage? It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Melania Trump and her husband, President Donald Trump. The first lady of the United States has seemed to be particularly cold towards Donald ever since his cheating scandal with porn star Stormy Daniels, who shared details about her 2006 affair with Donald. But it looks like the couple is putting on a united front on Saturday, Feb. 10 as they stepped out together for a rare public dinner date.

Donald, 71, and Melania, 47, were spotted out at BLT Prime by David Burke, which is the steakhouse that is inside of Donald’s Trump International Hotel, The Washington Post reported. They weren’t far from home either — the hotel is located just blocks away from the White House.


(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Of course, there was a large Secret Service presence at the location, and guests had to go through four different checkpoints in order to enter the restaurant and dine with the Trumps. “They looked happy and cozy,” one witness revealed.

The couple both opted to wear black suits for the occasion, according to the Daily Mail, and witnesses said that Melania seemed happy — she was even smiling as patrons snapped photos and took videos of the couple.

POTUS and FLOTUS portrayed the image of a happy couple on their date, which is different from the image that fans have been seeing in the weeks since details about Donald’s affair had resurfaced. Melania seemed to hint at strife in their marriage after she snubbed her husband by excluding him from her social media post celebrating the one-year anniversary of his inauguration, and she also was seen storming away from him as they walked off of a plane and showing up solo to his State of the Union address — but she won’t be considering a divorce from Donald any time soon.

“Regardless of any animosity between the two, she will not seek any type of divorce with Donald while he is in office,” an insider revealed to Hollywood Life. “She is focused solely on Barron and his well being and will not do anything to disrupt that or get in the way that.”