What a burn! Michael B. Jordan was honored to win the Best Villain award at the MTV Movie and TV Awards for his portrayal of Erik Killmonger in Black Panther, but he thought there may have been a more deserving winner. "I'm shocked that I won Best Villain. I thought for sure Roseanne [Barr] had that in the bag," he teased as the croud broke out into thunderous laughter. Of course, Mike is poking fun at Roseanne's wild racist Twitter rant and the backlash that followed before her ABC revival got cancelled. See all of the glam pics from the MTV Awards.

"Nah, nah, nah, but in all seriousness I want to thank all of the fans that came out to see this movie," he continued. "It took a lot to kind of get into this character so I'm just glad that you guys enjoyed the role as much as I did playing Killmonger. Oh, and one more thing. Chadwick Boseman, he personally asked me to ask y'all to stop asking him to say 'Wakanda Forever' in the streets, y'all taking the forever thing a little too seriously." The cameras quickly cut to Chadwick, who was cracking up in his seat. We're guessing Mike was joking about all of the memes of Chadwick unenthusiastically doing the Wakanda Forever symbol.

The cast of Black Panther had a huge night at the MTV Movie and TV Awards. Not only did Mike take home the Best Villain award, but his co-star Chadwick also snagged the Best Hero award… which he then turned over to the real-life hero of the Waffle House shooting, James Shaw Jr. "He fought off a gunman in Tennessee," Chadwick said. "You saved lives! So this is going to live at your house," he concluded, handing over the golden popcorn. Tender moments, Black Panther jokes, and Roseanne burns, what more could you want from an award show?