Former Bachelor Jesse Palmer and Jessica Bowlin may have only lasted a few months after his 2004 season ended, but it looks like his luck has been on a steady rise ever since! Not only has the 39-year-old hunk found love again, but he's landed a new TV gig, too. That's right! Jesse is the host of ABC’s new dating show, The Proposal.

Before we dive into his sizzling love life, let’s talk career. "It's like The Bachelor on steroids,” Jesse told E! News of The Proposal. "You're speeding up the timeline to 60 minutes and…there's an audience watching you, there's a man or woman standing feet away that you can't even see, and you have to do some serious soul-searching, and I think the only way possible in order to have a good ending and one you're comfortable with is to be yourself and try to listen to what's inside. It sounds easy, but having been on a show like this, it can be challenging, too," the former pro football player explained.

What also makes The Proposal so enticing, is the immediacy of it. "Viewers at home don't have to wait three months to go the journey before seeing a proposal or seeing a result,” Jesse revealed. On this show, at the end of every episode, there's going to be that moment, that proposal. People don't have to wait for it."

Speaking of proposals, we wonder when Jesse is finally going to pop the question to longtime girlfriend and Brazilian supermodel, Emely Fardo. It looks like the couple does absolutely everything together, including the less-glamorous stuff. Emely has posted Instagram photos from the boxing gym where she and Jesse are making funny face and got totally sweaty doing a workout together! No wonder Jesse has called her his "dream girl" and his "amor." Aw!

We can totally see why Emely won the Bachelor's heart. On top of being beautiful and having a killer body, the model is also a talented photographer! She often shares beautiful pictures of their travels together. Beyond that, If Jesse and Emely end up getting married, he will be getting a sister-in-law and brother-in-law, too!

Emely and her younger brother seem to be very close, even though he doesn't live in NYC like she does. In 2015 he came for a visit and she had a blast showing him around the Big Apple. Jesse even met Emely's sister Moriah in September. Since family is obviously super important to her, that was a huge step in their relationship! We wish you two lovebirds the best of luck!