After getting involved in a nasty feud with fellow former Bachelor star Raven Gates, Bekah Martinez is feeling sorry. She and Raven had it out on Twitter over some drama that went down during Bachlor in Paradise between Tia Booth and Colton Underwood. Things got really heated, but now Bekah is apologizing and she even regrets putting them on blast.

"I woke up this morning realizing I regret blasting Tia [and] Colton on social media. Regardless of my feelings about the situation, a sarcastic tweet is not the way to handle it. There ARE [sic] less petty/immature routes to take, and I HAD [sic] promised Tia months ago I’d stop the sh–t talking," she wrote on Twitter. "So I guess what I’m saying is I’m sorry. I got heated and caught up in what I was feeling and wanted people to hate on them cause I felt like the situation was unjust. It’s really not my place to be the justice police, as much as I wish it was."

"To clarify, I could have still kept it real and spoken my truth in a less abrasive, less s–t-stirring way," she concluded. "The issue is the way I handled it, not the content."

It all started when Bekah took to Twitter to throw her two cents in about the current relationship saga on The Bachelorette between contestant Colton and former Bachelor contestant Tia. Bekah said she didn't think that things were over between the two and she hinted that they will probably rekindle their romance in paradise, and that's when Raven called her out.

"Hey everybody, make sure you follow [Bekah] so she can get those followers so she can stop talking s–t about her friends like Tia and Becca! Hurry up!" Raven tweeted, according to screenshots obtained by E! News.

Bekah responded that she would never talk about Becca, and hinted that there is a Becca-Colton-Tia love triangle storyline brewing for paradise and Bekah said that Becca eventually gets "played" in the end. Bekah even seemed to accuse Tia and Colton of devising the whole relationship triangle for a storyline, and Raven defended her pal.

"You know that Tia didn't," Raven added. "And you're entitled to your opinion. I don't like the situation either, but if you said you'd stop bashing Tia, then you should keep your word."

The ladies kept going back and forth with each other, and Bekah said that she was never really good friends with Tia anyway to try to justify that she was talking about her online. Raven ended up blocking Bekah but she posted her final thoughts before she hit the block button. "It’s so sad that people find their self worth from being mean and hateful to their friends," she tweeted. "Don’t want anything to do with someone who could be so cruel to their friends."

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