On Monday night’s episode, Bachelor Nation learned that it was David “Chicken Suit” Ravitz who was sent to the hospital following an freak bed bunk accident. However, unlike Clay Harbor, who suffered a season-ending injury on The Bachelorette, he is coming back to compete for Becca Kufrin‘s final rose — but judging from Jordan’s reaction to his appearance, he might be looking worse for wear.

“David comes back and he looked 10 times worse than I thought he was going to look,” male model Jordan said in a preview of next week’s episode. “OMG, he looks like he broke his f—king cheekbone.” He went on to joke, “The chicken crossed the road and got hit by a bus,” alluding to the chicken suit David wore on the first night of the reality dating competition. He also compared David’s face to a “time warp.” ABC hyped up the drama by blurring out David’s face in the promo, adding fuel to the fire that David was left disfigured after his bed bunk injury. Watch the video above to see what David looks like today.

“Wait. David’s face is so bad ABC had to blur it out?????” one fan tweeted following the sneak peek while another added, “I love how they have to blur David’s face to leave the suspense for next week. But I really do hope that he’s ok…” However, others saw the pixelation as another editing trick by producers. “I can’t believe they pixelated David’s face when you know in reality it’s gonna be nothing,” a viewer predicted.

david the bachelorette getty

On the show, it was revealed David was rushed to the hospital and placed in intensive care after he fell off the top bunk and landed on his face. Fellow contestants described the scene as a bloodbath. “There was blood everywhere,” Lincoln told cameras. “None of us knew if he was going to make it.” Former NFL player Colton compared David’s injuries to “being attacked by a f–king bear.” However, David reassured Becca he was fine and coming back once he got approval from his doctors. “I’m feeling a lot better talking to you,” he told Becca. “I’m excited to heal up and see you eventually and be a part of the journey. I’m not going anywhere.”

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