When The Voice cameras are rolling, Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus seem chummy. However, behind the scenes, tensions are flaring and Jennifer’s unexpected split from fiancé David Otunga may explain why.

Fellow coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton inadvertently sparked trouble between the two women, an insider explained, when they teased Miley, 24, about her on-again, off-again engagement to Liam Hemsworth. “Miley wasn’t in a good mood and is just over them teasing her about Liam,” an insider told_ Life & Style exclusively_. So she tried to shift the focus. “Miley said that they should be asking Jennifer about her long engagement.”

jennifer hudson david otunga getty

Unfortunately for Miley, Jennifer was standing right behind her when she made the “long engagement” comment. “The room immediately got tense,” the insider revealed. “Jennifer looked Miley right in the eye and told her to never mention her private life again, or even say David’s name.” At the time the source said that Jennifer just isn’t the type to joke around, but now it seems she was trying to hide her relationship issues from her co-judges.

J-Hud, 36, had been engaged to the former pro wrestler since 2008 until recently when it was revealed that a protective order was granted against the father of her eight-year-old son David Jr. “They have been in the process of ending their relationship for a number of months,” Jennifer’s rep said. “Jennifer requested and received a protective order against her ex-fiancé. Jennifer’s actions are solely taken in the best interest of their son.”