Ashley O., is that you? Miley Cyrus has been posting tons of racy photos dressed as her season 5 Black Mirror character and we’re here for it. The pop star has been rocking a shoulder-length pink wig with various all-white Ashley O.-inspired outfits and it’s making fans want to rush to their couches to binge watch the new season. Besides show promotion, the latest picture features singer flaunting her impressive figure and toned tummy in a costume that leaves little to the imagination.

The 26-year-old plays an upbeat superstar with some dark secrets on the Netflix show. On Sunday, June 9, she posted a mirror selfie of herself in Ashley’s signature wig. The white crop top and hot pants showed off every inch of her impressive abs and slender legs. Whether she’s going by Miley or the fictional character, fans are loving it.

“Ashley we love you but please let Miley promote her new album OK,” one fan joked about the dueling songstresses. “Black Mirror [Miley Cyrus] / Ashley was so dope. That show always has hidden messages. I hope that storyline has nothing to do with our baby Miley,” someone else commented about the series’ dark plot line for the pink-haired starlet. A separate user added, “Where can I get a Miley Too Doll?” referring to Ashley O.’s high-tech companion device that was just a *little* too real.

Miley has been having a blast with her latest acting role and has posted tons of tongue-in-cheek photos. “Ashley O. uses protection. Miley does not. Be like Ashley,” she captioned a separate snap on June 9 dressed in an all-white tracksuit and pink hat. The second photo showed a blonde Miley wearing heart-shaped sunglasses with a bit of bedhead going on. Either way, she’s fab!

While the post had sexual undertones, it was just a joke about her phone case. Well played, Miley, well played. The former Disney kid is completely owning her latest project and we can’t wait to see what she does next!