When it comes to toned celebrity tummies, Miley Cyrus’ abs are some of the best in the game. It’s no wonder then that the world-famous pop star can’t stop (won’t stop) showing off her incredible figure on social media. To be fair, though, we are definitely not complaining! We need all the last-minute summer fitspo we can get.

“She’ll come to werk. Then she’ll kick your ass. She’ll also possibly break your phone,” the 26-year-old captioned a recent bathroom selfie on Instagram. To be honest, we thought the whole Calvin Klein sports bra trend was dead, but seeing Miley rock one makes us think otherwise. Do your thing, girl. P.S. Get a new phone, those cracks look dangerous.

Miley Cyrus
Courtesy of Miley Cyrus/Instagram

Speaking of doing her thing, Miley has a lot more going on these days than just looking like a smoke show. In fact, Liam Hemsworth’s ladylove has two major projects coming up. First, on Friday, May 31, Miley is releasing new music! As it stands, fans are still unclear as to whether She Is Coming is a full EP or not.

That said, the former Disney Channel star premiered three songs — “Cattitude,” “Dream” and “Mother’s Daughter” — during her May 26 set at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in the U.K. Three songs, 10 songs, who cares? New tunes are new tunes are we are pumped.

Secondly, on Wednesday, June 5, Miley’s episode of Black Mirror, “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too,” will be premiering on Netflix. Considering it’s been nearly three years since audiences have seen Miley on the big screen, we can’t wait to watch her show off her acting chops in the hit techno-thriller series. 

In the meantime, we’ll continue to enjoy her ab-tastic photos. Keep slaying, Miley.

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