She’s the It Baby! WWE Superstars Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and Maryse Ouellet welcomed their first child together earlier this year — an adorable baby girl named Monroe Sky — and fans will get to follow along with the It Couple’s journey to parenthood on their new, hit USA series Miz & Mrs. Now, in an exclusive interview with Life & Style, Mike and Maryse gushed about their daughter, revealed how they decided on their baby’s name, and teased what fans can expect to see as Maryse heads into the delivery room later this season. 

“She’s got so much personality already — and if she’s 10 percent of her dad, we’re in trouble,” Maryse told Life & Style, gushing over her four-month-old. “She’s got all those faces, it’s cute.”

And with parents like Mike and Maryse, it’s no doubt that little Monroe will grow up to be a star — which is why it’s so fitting that they gave their baby girl such a classic, old Hollywood name. Mike explained that they hadn’t yet decided on a name for their daughter while he was filming his upcoming film The Marine 6: Close Quarters, so a co-star decided to help out by rounding up a list of suggestions.

“She comes back with like 40 names and started rattling them off, and we were like, no, no, no,” he explained about the process of choosing Monroe’s name. “Every day she would come in with 40 more names, and then one day she goes, ‘What about Monroe?’ And so I texted Maryse and she goes, ‘That’s it.'”

Fans will get to watch Maryse as she nears the end of her pregnancy journey, but even though cameras were not in the delivery room for the birth, Mike recorded some footage himself which will make it onto an episode later this season — and Maryse gave fans a taste of what to expect from little Monroe’s arrival.

“Well, it’s very complicated,” Maryse said. “Let’s put it this way — it’s a process. And sometimes, when you have a plan — any mom has a plan when it comes to giving birth — but sometimes the plan doesn’t go the way you were expecting it, and that’s what happened.”

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