Dating is hard enough when you’re 6’6” — something that My Giant Life star Alicia Jay knows all too well. But it’s not just her height that makes dating complicated, it’s the fact that she’s 36 and still a virgin, which is “one of the hardest parts” of meeting men. In a previous episode of the TLC series, she opens up more about her choice to remain celibate.

The brunette beauty explains, “You don’t want to tell it too early. If you say it [right away], no one even wants to get to know me. I’ve been on first dates where it does come up. Yeah, I’m a virgin. I’m waiting to have sex until I’m married and the whole conversation changes and it’s done.”

That’s not all the reality star has shared about her sex life — or lack thereof. Check out some fun facts about Alicia’s dating life below…

She didn’t plan to wait this long

“When I was 16 I made that choice not to have sex until marriage,” Alicia detailed in her intro package. “I thought maybe it’d be 10 years from then that I’d be having sex.”

She’s come “really close” to having sex

“I’m a sexual person,” she says. “I’ve gone to certain places with guys. I’ve been really close.” Just how far has she gone? Unfortunately, she can’t say if she’s gone to “third base” because she doesn’t know what the bases are!

She wants to lose her virginity soon

The statuesque gal has no interest in making it to 40 without getting married — or having sex. “I definitely want a husband and I definitely want to have sex,” she stated. “I’m just waiting to do it with one person — sooner than later.”

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