Bring on the baby fever. Some stars of My Giant Life are expanding their families. Haleigh, Katja, and Lindsay from the TLC series have recently welcomed their first bundles of joy or are moms in the making.

In the premiere season of the reality series, fans are following Haleigh Hampton, who is six feet seven inches tall, and her much shorter husband Bryan Carvalho (five foot eight inches tall) as they get ready to welcome a baby into their world. However, Haleigh already gave birth — and is the mom of an adorable baby girl. She welcomed daughter Kaia James Kamalei Carvalho on February 14 and shared the exciting news on Instagram.

“We’re so head over heels for this girl and all her delicious squishiness. She is the sweetest little dream baby that has been sleeping through the night and just wants to sleep and cuddle on anyone who will hold her,” she said. “Had a rough few days trying to figure each other out but I’m pretty sure the answer to all things is cuddles and a thousand and one kisses.”

On the show, viewers saw the couple experience a small scare during their high-risk pregnancy. Haleigh suffered from placenta previa, which is when the afterbirth covers the cervix and can cause severe bleeding and puts mom and baby’s life at risk during labor. Luckily, mom and baby are doing well and recently celebrated her 8 month birthday. “Her personality is starting to come out and man is she determined,” she wrote. “Mostly determined to get into trouble and grab things that could hurt her but one day it’ll change the world for the better. We love our Kaia papaya more than we ever thought possible.”

However, Haleigh is not the only one to welcome a baby. Lindsay Hayward, who is six feet nine inches tall, also welcomed a baby since filming ended on the TLC show. She is now a mom to son Liam Maddox, who she welcomed on Sept. 12. She thanked her mom for helping her through her pregnancy, writing, “Grateful for a nana and mom like you.” She is also embracing motherhood, captioning a photo with her little boy, “He loves his mama, I love my baby’s bedtime snuggles.”

As for six foot, eight inches tall beauty Katja Bavendam, she is still determined to welcome her first child with her petite wife, Julie, — and is looking for a sperm donor. “We want someone who is a little bit taller. Someone smart, good-looking, and active,” Katja, 31, said on the show. Good luck to all the ladies!