Even though they recently welcomed baby No. 2 into the world, Nev Schulman and Laura Perlongo admit that parenthood can be hard on their marriage sometimes. “It’s tough though because obviously we now share our lives forever, and we’re so happy that we have a family,” the Catfish star, 34, told Life & Style exclusively. “But at the same time also, I think it does — this is not breaking news — but it also adds certain elements of stress and obligation to our relationship, which I think a lot of couples take time to adjust to that and redefine our relationship as a couple, which is still pretty new when we started having kids and now as parents.”

However, their two kiddos — Cleo, 2, and Beau, 2 months — have “definitely” brought them closer together. “I mean, before we had kids we had only dated a few months,” Laura, 33, revealed. “So, having kids really I think solidified our relationship and where we were going together as a family.”

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Laura and Nev certainly have their hands full, but they do get time away from their children when they work together on season 3 of ATTN:’s Facebook show, We Need To Talk, where they give out advice to other couples. “Filming a show was great for our relationship after the baby,” the blonde beauty admitted. “People write in, call in, ask us or tell us things that are going on in their relationships, ask us questions, how we would handle situations like jealousy, money issues, deal breakers.”

Despite the challenges, the TV personality admitted that life with Laura is amazing. “It’s definitely pretty tough, but if you’re willing to put in the work and talk about it, which is what we’ve sort of tried to do on the show, there’s so much great stuff that can come out of committed relationships.”

And don’t worry — the lovebirds still make time for date night. “We have this fun little weekly tradition we’ve been doing our best to fit in,” Nev said. “Tuesday night there’s a little comedy show down the street from where we live, so that’s been a fun way just to have something every Tuesday to do if we’re in the mood. I’d like to do more, but I think we have a pretty good balance of knowing what nights we just want to stay in with each other and watch something on TV versus ‘Hey, let’s go out, let’s go see some friends. We need a little social life injected in our lives right now.’ I think we’ve been doing a pretty good job considering our young children.”

Keep up the cuteness, you two!

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Reporting by Diana Cooper