Just like the rest of us, Nick Jonas is a Miley Cyrus fan. Even years after the two dated, the “Chains” singer, 26, doesn’t fail to recognize her talent and he made sure to give her a sweet shout-out during a recent interview.

On Monday, March 4, the Jonas Brothers appeared on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Chart radio show and Nick couldn’t help but gush about Miley’s pipes. “She’s a real singer. But we knew that cause we grew up with her.”

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Then the pop star recalled what it was like working with the Hannah Montana star, 26, at a young age. “We had a song with her back in the day called ‘Before the Storm,’ which is my favorite catalogue song of the Jonas Brothers. And at that point she was 16 and she was singing her ass off. So, it’s no surprise now that people are coming around to [her talent]. But I’m sitting around going, ‘Told you so.'” Aw, how sweet! The rest of the Jonas Brothers seemed to agree. Kevin Jonas added that she “singers her face off” in the duet, while Joe Jonas admitted he loves “the stuff she has come out with” lately.

Nick and Miley dated back in 2006 and broke up in December 2007. At the time, the Disney alums were just teenagers, making this relationship a crucial one in their lives. Miley poured her heart out on “7 Things,” which is about the youngest member of the trio. A few years later, Nick did the same in “Wedding Bells,” which was released when Miley and Liam Hemsworth first got engaged in 2012.

Since then, Nick married Priyanka Chopra in December 2018, and Miley tied the knot with Liam weeks later. Now that the Jonas Brothers reunited and Nick and Miley are in different points of their lives, is a music collaboration possible again? We certainly hope so!