We all know Nick Viall from his many appearances on The Bachelor — and all of its spin-offs — but many members of Bachelor Nation were shocked to learn that the 37-year-old had launched his own men’s grooming startup, The Polished Gent. However, it appears the reality star’s business venture was short-lived, as one Reddit user recently pointed out that the website’s domain name is currently for sale.

Though he recently assured fans that the company was his “top priority” — not marriage — all signs point to the disbanding of The Polished Gent. The link to his site has been removed from his social media bios, and as many Redditors noted, he barely promoted it.

“My theory was that he wasn’t really involved with it to begin with. He was just the public ‘face’ and so it looked like he wasn’t just off trying to be an actor,” one commenter suggested. Another wrote, “I bet it was a fake business to not seem unemployed during his season or to not say that he was an aspiring actor. That would’ve been a very awkward thing to tell the women’s families and it would have reduced his credibility with audiences as well, who were already very skeptical in the first place. I hope no one bought a single box. What a rip off and it doesn’t speak very highly of him to just ditch a project with zero explanations to people.”

“The last time I heard him actually talk about it, he said they were having problems with back ordered items,” another user said. “My guess is that it failed due to logistics. It’s really difficult to run a successful business, especially if you are splitting your time between starting a brand new business and trying to launch your acting career…”

Someone else alleged the company “went under” in just six months. While little is known or confirmed about what actually happened, it’s clear it’s defunct. The star hasn’t said anything about The Polished Gent since first announcing it, and with such a blatant lack of promotion, it’s no wonder the venture failed.