When it comes to Brie and Nikki Bella‘s pregnancies, the twins couldn’t be more in sync. “It has been really bizarre to experience all the same symptoms together,” Brie exclusively shares with Life & Style.

The 36-year-olds, who are due to give birth less than two weeks apart, have even been eating the same foods. “We have the exact same cravings!” Brie adds.

Brie and Nikki Bella Snap a Baby Bump Selfie
Courtesy of Brie Bella/Instagram

It’s no secret the siblings are pretty close, but they’ve become tighter since they found out they’re both pregnant — which they never imagined experiencing at the same time. “This has just felt like such a special time and so I feel like it’s definitely brought us together,” says Brie, before revealing how the coronavirus pandemic has changed them. “With the outbreak of the virus, it really does put a lot in perspective of just everything you’re grateful for — family, friends — and so it’s definitely been a time where we really leaned on each other.”

Unfortunately, the virus has interrupted some of their baby-related plans. “So for me, the things that it’s affected is my baby shower,” Nikki explains.

While the sisters are all about embracing their pregnancies and the challenges they bring, it hasn’t been easy. Nikki, admittedly, had a rough start. “This is my first pregnancy, and my pregnancy started out with me getting influenza B and I kind of had to be MIA and not work out or be around people for two months, so when I healed from that, shortly after that then the coronavirus broke out,” the mom-to-be adds.

Brie has had a tough pregnancy, too, especially compared to when she was expecting her daughter, Birdie. “I have to say, the first trimester really rocked me,” she says. “When I was pregnant with Birdie, all I really experienced was just being tired, but this time, I’ve had a lot of morning sickness. I felt like I’ve constantly been car sick.”

Fortunately, she’s doing better now!

To see more of the twins’ pregnancies, make sure to tune into the new season of Total Bellas, premiering on E! Thursday, April 2, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Reporting by Diana Cooper