Say it ain’t so! On Wednesday, April 3, Nikki Bella and her sister, Brie Bella, took to their new podcast, “The Bellas Podcast,” to share some sad news with fans. After eight amazing seasons, the famous twins, 35, announced that they’re leaving the hit reality series Total Divas.

“Nikki and I realized this year that it is time to say goodbye to Total Divas,” Brie expressed, before Nikki echoed, “Brie and I have been with the franchise from the beginning and have literally put out hearts and souls and our lives on TV. [We wanted to] help make it into a big franchise, to help make it a success, to truly change peoples minds about women in wrestling and how much women in the wrestling industry do in and out of the ring.”

The Bella Twins and Alysia Reiner on Good Day New York
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How much women do, indeed! In addition to Total Divas, Nikki and Brie snagged their own equally as popular spinoff series Total Bellas. “We filmed all year long,” Nikki confessed of the pair’s schedule. “When other people would get breaks from the reality cameras, Brie and I would be filming the next season of Bellas and then we’d go straight into Divas.”

Geez. We’re exhausted just *thinking* about that. However, the exhaustion Nikki felt wasn’t exclusive to her workload. The brunette beauty admitted that it became increasingly more difficult to have a camera follow her through “hard times” — especially her highly publicized breakup with John Cena.

“With my breakup, that just showed me that when you have hard times in life and you keep filming, it’s just really hard on someone mentally,” Nikki explained. “We had to let go of one show just to keep sanity.” Do what’s best for you, ladies! Mental health is so important. Plus, the silver lining is that the Bella twins will still be on our television screens. 

In conclusion: It’s not goodbye, it’s see you on Total Bellas.

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