Pro dancer Artem Chigvintsev always knows how to make Nikki Bella feel special! The mom-to-be shared a video on her Instagram Story of her fiancé making her food on Sunday, April 12. Once again, she couldn’t help but gush over him.

“Help, you guys! He made homemade banana bread this morning, and now he’s making homemade pizza. Why?” the 36-year-old said in the video. “So lucky,” Artem, 37, replied, to which Nikki agreed, “I am lucky.” Aww!

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Courtesty of Artem Chigvintsev

If you’re a fan of the couple, you probably can’t help but notice Nikki and Artem are always lovey-dovey. It turns out, they definitely put in the effort to keep the spark alive — especially during pregnancy.

“I feel like now every time I’m naked, everything gears towards my body changes or my pregnant belly, and I was telling him, I was like, ‘Sometimes I need you to think of a girl who has nothing with pregnancy,'” Nikki exclusively shared with Life & Style. “And we just go straight into it and we don’t talk about anything dealing with pregnancy, which is hard.”

Even if Nikki has moments when she’s not feeling herself, her beau always helps her out. “But Artem still does a good job, like he knows how to grab me in certain ways,” the brunette beauty added. “He always goes for the dip and I get all giddy, but he dipped me the other day and I felt like my stomach ripped in half and I’m like, ‘Dipping is done. No more of that.’ So we try to find our little ways but definitely think it’s really hard!”

The former pro wrestler also relies on her sis, Brie Bella, who’s currently expecting her second child with husband Bryan Danielson. Nikki says the best advice her twin has given her throughout the pregnancy is “letting go of vanity,” adding that Brie is always reassuring her. “So, Brie is just constantly reminding me, ‘You’re pregnant. Vanity doesn’t even exist anymore,’ and is trying to just have me be present and appreciate these changes, and it’s tough.”

That’s what sisters are for!