She's clapping back! Fans were really upset when Nikki Bella announced her split from her longtime love, fellow WWE Superstar John Cena and called off their wedding back in April. Now, less than two months after their breakup, reports claim that Nikki and John are back together and fans are even more upset because they feel like the entire saga was just a publicity stunt to increase ratings for Nikki's E! reality TV series Total Bellas. But Nikki isn't taking too kindly to the allegations that she faked the storyline, so she took to Instagram to se the record straight. Watch the video above to see what Nikki had to say!

It seems like she definitely put those rumors to rest, and fans are getting to see just how difficult the entire breakup has been for her during Season 3 of Total Bellas. During one of her first family dinners without John, Nikki opened up to her Bella fam about how the split has been affecting her and she revealed another one of the main reasons (besides her and John's differing views on having kids) why she decided to call things off.

"I just feel super confused and I miss him more than anything in this world," she said. "It’s a lot of things. I wasn’t feeling alive anymore, I wasn’t feeling like me and I just kind of became a 'yes girl.' I felt like I lost myself. It has nothing to do with John but everything to do with me."

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Let em talk… True love never dies nor cares what anyone thinks ❤

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She went on to explain that after being a celebrity and a reality TV star all these years, she started to feel a divide between the character she plays on TV and the real her. She said even though her WWE Superstar persona's slogan is "Fearless Nikki," she wasn't being fearless in her personal life. She credited the WWE's womens revolution movement with giving her the courage to speak up for herself.

"I have to say, for a while she wasn't [fearless] until recently and that’s once I used my voice," Nikki said in her confessional. "And even though it brought some sadness, I feel like i’m finally fearless Nicole."