Before we dive into the most awkward story we’ve heard from a celebrity, well, ever, we’d like to note that there’s nothing wrong with owning sex toys. However, they aren’t necessarily items you wish to discuss at length with your family — and or have them discover at random when they’re doing you a favor. Enter: Nikki Bella and her little brother, J.J. Garcia.

On Thursday, October 10, the WWE wrestler, 35, appeared on A Little Late with Lilly Singh along with her twin sister, Brie Bella. At first, the conversation was about how Nikki and Brie navigate being siblings and business partners. Eventually, the TV host asked them how J.J., 30, fits into their dynamic. 

Both ladies agreed that he was like an “assistant,” before Brie delved into the horrifying, yet hilarious tale. Basically, Nikki asked J.J. to stop by her house and grab her birth certificate from her top dresser drawer.

“He goes, this poor kid, and he opens up her top drawer and he was like ‘she has to be kidding me,'” Brie recalled on behalf of Nikki.  “Am I allowed to say sex toys? A gazillion sex toys!” Naturally, Nikki chimed in to defend the number of sex toys she owns. “I’m not Jenna Jameson,” she exclaimed.

“He called her and goes, ‘Your birth certificate is in here?'” Brie added, to which Nikki replied, “I totally forgot … then when he said it, I was like, ‘Oh, yeah.’ Because I was thinking that if anyone was ever to rob me, no one was going to dig under my sex toys to take my social security card and my birth certificate. I thought it was a great plan!”

It’s only a great plan if you remember the sex toys are there, Nikki! Sigh. You live and you learn, right? Thankfully, that incredibly uncomfortable situation hasn’t given Nikki a guarded outlook on sex.

Nikki Bella and Boyfriend Artem Chigvintsev film their new reality tv show in Studio City

In fact, the Total Bellas babe recently gushed over her “passionate” sex life with boyfriend Artem Chigvintsev, calling it the best she’s ever had. Good for you, girl!

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