Ouch, that has to hurt! Kourtney Kardashian burned her leg on Nov. 16, and it looks pretty painful. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians starlet shared a video on Instagram of the injury on her leg with a very strange remedy.

In the video, there’s a white substance covering a huge area of Kourtney’s upper thigh. Someone’s hand (doctor? burn specialist?) can be seen rubbing a yellow-ish liquid over it. Kourtney captioned the video, “p.s. a natural burn remedy is toothpaste and egg whites.” Hmmm, haven’t heard of that one, but Kourt is all about natural remedies so it’s probably pretty effective.

Kourtney Kardashian instagram video leg burn

How did Kourtney get burned (physically, in this case)? It’s unclear exactly, but she did add, “when you’re spilling the tea and it’s too hot,” to the video. The star has a great sense of humor so she could’ve been joking about leaking some hot gossip or she could have quite literally spilled scalding tea on her leg. Either way, she still ended up slathering toothpaste on herself.

We can only hope Kourtney had some proverbial tea to spill. After days of not leaving Scott Disick’s couch, it looks like he and Sofia Richie may be living together. Back in July, a source confirmed to Us Weekly, “Scott and Sofia are moving in together … She’ll move into his house.”

Whether they are or aren’t living together, Kourtney definitely wants to mark her territory and let everyone know Scott was her baby daddy first. Amid the rumors, she posted a photo that showed the two busting a move with their kids Mason and Reign Disick on a family trip to Bali.

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It looks like the fam was having a great time, but sources claim that Sofia is not here for their close relationship. After a separate family trip to NYC, a source told Hollywood Life, “Sofia is trying her hardest to be super cool about it all, and pretend like it doesn’t faze her that Scott and Kourtney took the kids to New York together, but of course it does.”

Sofia is really struggling when it comes to how close Scott is to Kourtney,” they added. “It’s a never-ending source of angst for her. Sofia is convinced that Scott is still totally in love with Kourtney and that if Kourtney would take him back Sofia believes he would drop her in a heartbeat.” It probably doesn’t help that Scott admitted on KUWTK that he and Kourtney said they would try to get back together when they’re 40.

Welp, that is a lot of tea. Kourtney, you’ll have to be more careful next time.

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