Awkward! Just because Sofia Richie is Scott Disick‘s girlfriend, doesn’t mean she’ll be on KUWTK anytime soon. According to Hollywood Life, Kourtney Kardashian will stop at nothing to keep the 20-year-old away from her family’s beloved reality series.

“As Scott’s relationship with Sofia gets more serious, Kourtney remains dead set against Sofia being a series regular on Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” a source close to the mother-of-three revealed to the outlet. “Kourtney is not interested in paying Sofia or in increasing her profile in any way,” the source continued. “It’s not that she doesn’t like her or anything, Kourtney just doesn’t feel the need to bolster her fame.” 

Hmmm, we’re not so sure if we buy the whole “it’s not that she doesn’t like her” thing, but moving on — how does Sofia feel about being shunned from the show?

Well, as it happens, she’s totally cool with it.  “Not being invited to be a regular on KUWTK is fine by Sofia, she has little interest at this point to be on reality TV,” the source explained. “Kourtney and her sisters have been careful to not even mention Sofia’s name on camera and they want to keep it that way. It has taken a lot for Kourtney to meet with Sofia — and while Kourtney is developing her own opinion and certain level of respect for Scott’s girlfriend, Kourtney has no interest in inviting her onto KUWTK,” the source concluded. 

To be fair, Kourtney really has gone out of her way to accept Scott and Sofia’s relationship. Most recently, she was even spotted eating dinner with the pair! Not many women would willingly have a meal with their ex and his new (much younger) lady. Kudos, Kourt!

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