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Living Like Kooks! The ‘Outer Banks’ Stars Have Pretty Major Net Worths

From The Cut to Figure Eight! The Outer Banks stars have become major names in Hollywood since their Netflix show premiered in April 2020, and their fame — and net worths — just keep rising. The series keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with new mysteries each season, and it came with a major payday for the cast.

While many cast members have quickly become the hottest names in Hollywood, Madelyn Cline revealed they all make the same salary for Outer Banks.

“It’s an ensemble and we all work equally as hard,” the Glass Onion actress told Cosmopolitan in February 2023. “We were really open about wanting the same for everyone and to feel that everybody is compensated fairly.”

Each cast member is living large now that the series has three seasons under its belt. For Chase Stokes, who plays John B in the series, nabbing a role in Outer Banks changed his life completely.

“My bank account had just over drafted, and I couldn’t even afford an Uber from the airport. I had to ask someone in production to spot me some cash,” the Florida native recalled to Men’s Health in July 2021 about life before playing John B. “I never went back to L.A. after that, and all I had were the clothes I’d brought. I couldn’t even buy anything until I got my first paycheck.”

Ahead of his breakout role, the actor explained that he “did pretty much every job under the sun to make money” while living in L.A. He added, “But there was a point where I was on unemployment, there were eviction notices on the door, the power was turned off and on. I was two months late on rent when I left for Charleston to shoot Outer Banks. So, it was a journey.”

Before becoming the leader of the Pogues, the actor appeared in shows like Stranger Things and Daytime Divas. His rise to fame story is definitely one for the history books, especially the part when Chase lived in his car “off-and-on for about two months,” which he said on Jimmy Kimmel Live in July 2021 was “not great.”

Chase explained, “There was a strategy to it. You don’t want to park in a corner. Then, all of a sudden, the parking attendant is like, ‘That dude is for sure sleeping in here.’ So every day, I would try to find a different parking spot, and it worked out. It worked out. I never got caught.”

Since Outer Banks became a hit series, Chase has often reflected on his life in various interviews and via Instagram.

“To my newfound family, thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in a kid with a dream,” he shared in a social media post from October 2019. “All I gotta say kids is, believe in yourself, and go f–kin’ do what you love. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy this journey with us. I think it’s going to be pretty rad. Alright. John B OUT.”

Season 3 of Outer Banks hits Netflix on Thursday, February 23.

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